When we’re stuck it feels like different parts of us are going in opposing directions.  We have trouble getting motivated and lose our way easily.  As a Soul Guide and Coach, I specialize in helping people move from fragmented states into wholeness. I help you release unwanted conditioned roles and behaviors, while supporting your deep dive into the the mystery of you to uncover your greatest fulfillment and heart-based truths.

What is Life-Soul Integration?

The Soul calls to us through the language of feelings, woundings, body sensations, dreams, expressive arts and other intuitive and instinctive impulses. When we’ve been wounded by lack of love in our early relationships, we learn dysfunctional patterns that continue to sabotage our relationships later in life. This early life trauma shows up as some form of dissociative pattern that causes problems with food, money and relationships. With the support of a soul-centered psychotherapist you bring awareness to the patterns that are creating the problems you have in your life while listening deeply to the whisperings of your Soul.

As you begin to nourish your true Self, energy is released and healing occurs. As you heal these old wounds, while simultaneously learning the life-skills needed for success, your relationship to life is set right. Life-soul integration occurs as you heal your inner wounds while taking the necessary outer steps to follow the calling of your Soul.  (Hint, it’s not about becoming a “better” ego, it’s about becoming a fully realized spiritual being.)

Some of the work I do includes:

Money Therapy: how to create a sane relationship with money without giving up your soul.

Creative Empowerment: How to unleash, believe in and LIVE your personal soul truth (even if you’re scared).

Healing Emotional Eating: The whole mind-body program for making right your relationship to food and your life.

I have a variety of individual packages available.

If you are interested send me an email. The first session (at no charge) is always geared to explore your goals and to see if working together will be a good fit. I work by phone, skype or in-person. Schedule an initial consult by emailing me here.

“This work is leading edge, dynamic and powerful.  If any woman is drawn to work consciously on her own evolutionary path, this work will expedite the experience.  It calls one to look deeply, and with great care, into the realm of possibility for oneself, to bring forth the essence and beauty that is inherently there and live out that truth.”  Carollyne MacLean, Certified BodyWay Coach

Problems with relationships, money, and food  often mask something deeper.  If you struggle with avoidance, instability, insecurity, anxiety or fear and would like to find your true path to wholeness and success contact me for a confidential no-obligation 30 minute consultation.  There is nothing more important than you living your Soul-inspired life!

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