Are you ready to embody the MAGICAL in your everyday life?

So you can step into what you are here to do in a bigger way with ease and joy?  Are you ready to live your unique creative, joyful expression with ease and grace? In alignment with the natural world ?

If you believe the magical realms are real, but you’re just not able to embody them consistently. . .If you’re longing to make some changes in your life, if you feel that your Soul is calling to you but are too afraid to take those next steps.  If your fear of being judged or made wrong or failing is just as big as the changes you want to make.  . . I can help!

My guess is that you’ve already had some form of ‘awakening’ in terms of accessing a consciousness greater than yourself.  You know how to meditate, and you are excited about what is possible for your future, but . . . .

Something keeps you stuck. Your everyday life may be crumbling, or simply not keeping up with the visions you hold for what is possible.

It may be an old conditioned pattern, an old trauma, or an old idea of yourself.  It may be you don’t know how to bring your real day-to-day life into alignment with the experiences you have had of your true Being.

I understand what it takes to bring all aspects of our small self into alignment with our expanded Self.  I had a major spiritual awakening in my early twenties. Since that time I have been healing and integrating all aspects of my small self, bringing them slowly into alignment with the Presence I AM.  This takes time and it takes know-how.

The processes I use to do this are now available to you through a program I call Somatic Soul Integration.

Stars2Somatic Soul Integration helps you cultivate awakened living through specially designed healing processes that help you align your life with the calling of your Soul.’ They help you live consciously on this earth as an expanded multi-dimensional Being.  It doesn’t matter what your spiritual training, or who your guru is, or what you did to awaken into the vastness of your truth.  Without the know-how, the ability to embody this awakened consciousness into your everyday reality, you will suffer.   If your spiritual practice isn’t give you this piece, check this out.

Here are some of the results you can expect from Somatic Soul Integration, whether in the form of  workshops, individual sessions, intensive programs or retreats:

*  Step into what you are here to do in a bigger way

*  Open to inner guidance and a more expanded sense of Self.

*  Engage in creative joyful expression with ease and grace.

*  Feel more at peace and in-charge of your life.

*  Heal life-long patterns, blocks and obstacles to success

*  Resolve old Trauma, unresolved grief and life-long patterns from your egoic state of consciousness that are holding your back

*  Become clear as to the next direction of your life.

More information on how Somatic Soul Integration can help you here.

Jane’s upcoming book, Audacious Hats, is coming soon. More here.

Teleworkshops and other events will be posted soon.