My work can be summed up in this one idea. . .

YouCanCreateAwesomeCREATE stuff you love!

CREATE relationships you love!

CREATE a life you love!

I help people use creativity to enhance their lives, express themselves more fully and discover their greatest passion. Whether you are an artist, dancer, writer or simply want to implement creative ideas into your life, I’d love to partner with you.

Creativity can help us heal, find greater happiness, fulfillment, and passion.  When we express ourselves without fear, other people want to have what we have.  Using our minds creatively enables us to find solutions to problems we never thought possible.  It develops leadership, intelligence and opens us to new possibility.  Creativity is not just about making art, it is a mindset that when cultivated can imbue our lives with passion and meaning.

Some creative people are wounded.

They feel depressed, anxious and sometimes despair over whether they are doing what they are here to do.  I know about this because I was that kind of creative person. The only real solution for these types is to unleash their creative self, whether that be in the arts, or as entrepreneurs, or to take simple actions that match their creative yearnings.

When our inner artist is wounded, it impacts all aspects of our lives.  Our relationships suffer because we are trying to be someone we’re not. Once our inner artist is liberated, life can become full and joyously alive.

The processes I use to do this are now available to you through a program I call Creative Soul Integration.

Creative Soul Integration helps  cultivate the inner artist  through specially designed healing and creative processes that enable us to align our lives with the calling of our Soul. They help us live consciously as creative individuals on this earth.  No matter our spiritual beliefs or training, and no matter what our unique creative imprint, and no matter how we desire to express our creativity, without this ability, our lives will suffer.

I work with creative individuals with a variety of presenting issues.  Some of these might be. . .

Depression or despair

Lack of meaning

Poor relationships

Overwhelm and an inability to organize time effectively

Unexpressed yearnings

Poor relationship to money

These are just some of the presenting problems my clients approach me with.  Contact me for a free consultation and I will discuss an approach that can work for you. There is no obligation.

ABOUT JANE:  I understand what it takes to trust one’s creative impulses and allow them to express.  At a relatively young age I had a major creative awakening.  I knew I had found my calling. Soon after, however, I suffered a trauma that caused me to stop doing what I most loved.  In my early twenties, I began a journey of healing, but it was another thirty years before I was able to step into my creative Self again and allow her to flourish.  Since that time I have been healing and integrating all aspects of what I now call my Inner Wounded Artist. (See my story here.)

More information on how Creative Soul Integration can help here.

Jane’s upcoming book, Audacious Hats, is coming soon. More here.

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