If this describes you. . .

you’ve tried to live life by the rules but can’t seem to make your life work the way others do

you need help honing your creative vision or taking the next step in the process

you are craving to grow your creative capacities and express yourself without fear

you are searching for greater meaning and a way to embody the truth in your heart

If you said yes, I’d LOVE to partner with you!

(Even if you’re almost ready!)


“There is an artist in all of us. When you free him or her and align with your heart, you will come alive to the destiny of your Soul.”

Hello! My name is Jane and I work with artists, writers, healers, seekers, and solopreneurs at different stages of their creative process. Whether you are just starting out, or already have an established practice I can help you take that next step to deepen your connection with your work and your heart.



If you are anything like I was you are probably feeling a bit depressed or lost, feeling like you’re not living the life you were meant to live. There may be a yearning deep inside to give more of yourself, to express more of yourself. What I discovered was that no matter how hard I tried to “fit in,” I couldn’t.

My particular way of being in the world wasn’t like most people I saw out there and although I really tried to be “normal” so people would like me, I was killing myself in the process. In fact I was creating more problems on top of the problems I already had which resulted in issues with relationships, money, anxiety, depression, and dysfunction of all kinds.

I spent many years healing from wounds that tried to stop me from being myself. In the process I became a psychotherapist. I learned to stop hating myself, to release the shame that binded me to a life that wasn’t mine. And in the process I learned a great many powerful tools I can now share with you.

My breakthrough came when I realized that the only way out of this false life was to take a leap and put everything I loved (but was afraid of or felt shame around) into the world and live my life my way.

At first it was scary and I felt awkward. Eventually, as I gained more confidence, it felt right and true. Now I’m making art, am free to travel living a lifestyle that most people are either afraid of, or secretly yearn for but won’t let themselves have.

Somehow by trusting myself and doing what I felt was true for me, step-by-step, I was able to carve a life and work that I love.

My personal mission now is to help other creatives find the way of life that aligns with their heart. It may start small with a feeling, or a sensitive spot deep inside that needs healing. But it will grow and blossom over time.

Your way won’t look like my way. It will be completely unique. And that is what I wish to share with you: how to live a life you love by just being YOU!


Trusting your own impulses and instincts and following your own rhythms, you can create a life that is perfectly aligned with your heart.

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