Most of us struggle with allowing ourselves to be who we really are because our aliveness has been conditioned out of us. Due to trauma, addictions and an array of cultural messages, we have lost our true nature.  To find our self we have to have courage, persistence and an ability to defy who we think we should be.  This process is psychological, spiritual and creative.  

If you are in transition I can help you find your way.

If you feel disconnected, I can help you align with your deepest heart.

If you’re aching to know who you are, I can guide you to your greatest calling.

“There is nothing more beautiful than the claiming of one’s true life.

All you have to do is give yourself permission to be who you already are.


“This work is leading edge, dynamic and powerful.  If any person is drawn to work consciously on his or her own evolutionary path, this work will expedite the experience.  It calls one to look deeply, and with great care, into the realm of possibility for oneself, to bring forth the essence and beauty that is inherently there and live out that truth.”  Carollyne MacLean, Certified BodyWay Coach

I am an advocate and activist for the use of Psychedelic Psychotherapy for healing trauma. See more here.

If you’d like more information on how to integrate the psychological, creative and spiritual into your everyday life, you might like to explore  Spiritual Process Therapy

I facilitate workshops, lead groups and work individually over the phone, skype or in person.  I work with trauma, eating disorders, addiction, loss and grief and have a vast array of psychospiritual skills to assist you on your journey.  

Want to work with me?  Give me a buzz. No obligation, no hype, just a simple get to know each other chat to see if we click.