Soul speaks through the instinctual heart. It lies hidden below the surface in the rawness of pure expression and above in the light of divine magical play.

If you’ve felt misunderstood, unable to find your own voice, and wounded by a culture that values conformity, success and productivity at the price of sensitivity, flow and instinctual expression.. .

If you yearn to feel more alive, activate your creative spark, express more authentically, discover your true calling, become more fulfilled and live your greatest purpose – to love in all the ways you can. . . . THAT is the Way of the Intuitive Creative Soul! And I would love to partner with you.

I work with women who yearn to live authentic, soul-infused lives.

If you are in transition I can help you find your way.

If you feel disconnected, I can help you align with your deepest heart.

If you’re aching to know who you are, I can guide you to your greatest calling.

“There is nothing more beautiful than the claiming of one’s creative life.

0E62D2F2-460F-4371-8803-40C6EC773588“This work is leading edge, dynamic and powerful.  If any woman is drawn to work consciously on her own evolutionary path, this work will expedite the experience.  It calls one to look deeply, and with great care, into the realm of possibility for oneself, to bring forth the essence and beauty that is inherently there and live out that truth.”  Carollyne MacLean, Certified BodyWay Coach

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Jane’s upcoming book, The Way of the Intuitive Creative Soul, is coming soon. More here.

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