Hi! My Name is Jane and I can help you break free of sabotaging patterns so that you can live lighter, brighter and happier.My ability to transform a life of hardship into one of freedom has given me first-hand experience into what it means to live with heart and soul.Besides healing from a debilitating eating disorder, turning potential financial ruin into a 6-figure net-worth (in just 3 months) and purchasing my first home with no money down, I have written books and designed transformational programs that have helped hundreds of women find freedom from self-sabotaging patterns.

Here are some of the results you can expect from the programs I offer, whether itʼs the Negative Mind Cleanse, Living the Dreamtime, No Diets for ME!, a Retreat, Coaching Program or Personal Intensive.

*  Reverse life-long struggle with depression, despair and loneliness.
*  Heal unresolved grief.
*  Get in-charge of “runaway” emotions.
*  Turn potentially difficult situations with relationships (and money) into wins
*  Be at peace with everything and everybody (even those things that irritate the heck out of you)
*  Become clear as to the next direction of your life
*  Remove obstacles to allowing your Soul to guide you (rather than
your ego-mind)

For more information on my next upcoming program, Finding Joyful Presence, go here.