Sacred Hunger in Portland

Hello my friends, my introductory workshop will be given 2 times. 

January, January 16, 4-6pm at Prosperity Pie, in Multnomah Village ($20 at the door, $15 in advance)

and Thursday February 1, 6:30-8:30 at New Renaissance Books, $25

Sacred Hunger

Nourishing the Hungry Soul

An Intuitive-Creative Path through Food and Body Struggles

*  nurture the needs of your inner Self

*  empower your wisdom voice

*  use your shame to create your best life

*  love who you are now while becoming who you want to be

For women who struggle with emotional eating and body-image shame.

In this 2-hour workshop, Jane will gently facilitate women past their struggles with food into the realm of true nourishment and intuitive/creative wisdom.  In a safe space, together we will share our deeper fears and concerns and inspire each other into healing and living from wholeness.  The work is an interesting blend of somatic, energetic and archetypal psychology.  The focus is on unleashing the true intuitive-creative wisdom of women through the portal of food and body struggles.

Jane Latimer, MA, psychotherapist, artist and author has devoted her life’s work to helping women heal from food disorder, body shame and trauma. She is the author of Living Binge-FreeBeyond the Food Game and the founder of BodyWay and the Sacred Hunger programs.   

MORE INFORMATION: call 503.293.8906 or email 

Registration for Prosperity Pie through my website here:

Register at NewRenBooks for Feb. 1 workshop

Ok to be Weird

I notice that more and more, people who were once considered “weird” by our culture are coming out of the closet. That is why I am surprised that so many women still feel that they have to play by the “rules” whatever they are.

Playing by the rules so that no one thinks we’re weird can take many forms, for example, not speaking up when we feel that we’ve been mistreated, or being too afraid to share a poem, or not taking risks in business for fear of losing what we have.  Maybe you’re a writer who aches to try something different but you won’t.  Or perhaps you’re looking for your Soul Mate and are afraid of saying the wrong thing even though the guy you thought loved you is withdrawing.  One of the most common ways women play by the rules is by overgiving, not taking time to be alone and take care of themselves.  And when we don’t take the time to do this we miss the important information our psyche is trying to give us.

Whatever form our fear takes, there is a price to pay.

And for the most part, the price of being weird is a lot smaller than the price we pay for not speaking up, not making ourselves visible, crying at the wrong time, not taking time, showing our anger, being the too-nice goody frail and scared little girl.  Here are two quotes from Clarissa Pinkola Estes (I love her book, Women Who Run with the Wolves.)

Sometimes a woman is afraid to be without security or without certainty, for even a short time. She has more excuses than dogs have hairs. She must simply dive in and stand not knowing what will happen next. It is the only thing which will retrieve her intuitive nature.

And what does “dive in” mean here?

It may mean looking weird, when we choose to stand out, be loud, not restrained or just too sexual maybe, or too wild when we dance, or too aggressive or sneaky or bitchy.  If we want to develop our deep inner knowing, our intuition and live a full and fragrant life, it may just mean we may have to look weird to the parts of the self that were expecting a nicer behavior.

What does this wildest intuition do for women? Like the wolf, intuition has claws that pry things open and pin things down, it has eyes that can see through the shields of persona, it has ears that hear beyond the range of mundane human hearing. With these formidable psychic tools a woman takes on a shrewd and even precognitive animal consciousness, one that deepens her flinty and sharpens her ability to move confidently in the outer world.

So next time you feel shame for being a bit different than what might be expected of you, pat yourself on the back and boldly tell that shame that you are practicing being different so that your intuitive-creative nature can dance.  So you can live your wild and true destiny.


I was out playing for the past few years and now I’m back to work.  So, I happen to have a few spots available in my private practice.  If you’re interested, email me here.

I’ll be starting up with some live online events within the next few months so stay tuned. And if you have a particular need you’d like me to address, please let me know.


Check out my Sacred Hunger Portland Events in January and February 






What’s Really in the Way of Living Fully?

These little voices in our head can play havoc with our aliveness and power.  It’s pretty hard to follow our intuitive-creative guidance when we’ve given power to any of these inner demons without questioning them.

Why call them demons? Don’t you think you’re being a little hard on these guys ?


I love what Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD says about this.  Here’s a quote from her famous book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, one of my all-time favorites.


“Intuition is the treasure of a woman’s psyche. It is like a divining instrument and like a crystal through which one can see with uncanny interior vision. It is like a wise old woman who is with you always, who tells you exactly what the matter is, tells you exactly whether you need to go left or right. It is a form of The One Who Knows, old La Que Sabe, the Wild Woman.

When we listen to the One Who Knows, this intuitive inner voice of truth, whether that comes from within the stillness, or comes as a cry from the gut of our inner Wild One, or as a bang over the head from the Universe, we know without a doubt what to do, how to be and where to go.  The voices that stop that guidance are the voices of “I can’t,” “I should” and “I have to.”

Sometimes it’s not that simple to discern.  We have inner parts that have differing needs for acceptance, love, respect, adventure, creativity, belonging and a whole realm of other stuff.  So, knowing without a doubt how to respond, or proceed in any situation is not easy.  It’s not easy to be alive!

If we can let the voices of our inner “demons” be heard, really listening to them from a deeper place so that we understand the need they are trying to protect, we often find a more alive creative way of getting that need met, a way that is more in alignment with the needs of our inner Self.

I love my job as psychotherapist and Soul guide because I love standing witness as my clients sort through their differing needs, finding ways to get them met that is in alignment with the greater whole.


I was out playing for the past few years and now I’m back to work.  So, I happen to have a few spots available in my private practice.  If you’re interested, email me here.

I’ll be starting up with some live online events within the next few months so stay tuned. And if you have a particular need you’d like me to address, please let me know.



Psychotherapy for Spiritual Integration

Our planet is going through a paradigm shift, in which more and more individuals are becoming aware of who they truly are as Spirit.  I had such an awakening in my early twenties which I write about in my book, Living Binge-Free and talk about extensively when I give presentations. That moment and subsequent series of incidents caused me to question everything I had built my life on up to that point. It was then that I made the decision to heal my eating disorder spiritually.   When I became a psychotherapist, it was my intention to use my spiritual tools to help other women do the same.  Along the way, I got partially sucked into the mainstream way of doing things but never lost my commitment to Spirit and spiritual principles of healing.  After creating BodyWay, the first spiritually-based program for healing Eating Disorders, I’ve gone on to focus all my work on helping individuals live integrated spiritual lives.

What is Spiritual Process Therapy(tm) and How is it Different from Regular Psychotherapy?

The key difference is that the therapist has a larger context in which to do her work.  When someone is leaving an old paradigm and entering into another that is larger, more comprehensive and inclusive, and demands old conditioned limited beliefs be dissolved, it can be disorienting for the individual.  Who we are becoming lies somewhere in the unknown and the client as well as the therapist have to be willing to be patient enough to allow that process to unfold naturally without much interference.

I have had clients classified as Borderline Personality Disorder, DID and Developmental Trauma Disorder and treated as if something was majorly wrong.  This is incredibly harmful.  These fragile egos, which are trying to understand themselves and where they are going now begin to believe that who they are is “not okay.”   That is the last thing we need to do to each other. The spiritual integration process can activate older traumas and developmental issues, and those need to be handled in a way that is trusting of the psyche’s unfolding process.   Spirit knows how to heal it’s less evolved parts.  The therapist needs to trust and teach the client how to trust this Sacred process as it bursts out of its limited shell. We need to be witnessed in that evolution.  And the main job of the therapist is to send a message of trust, trust, trust!!

There are techniques that can be used that deepen, support and ground that trust.  Spiritual Process Therapy works with somatic processes such as Somatic Experiencing,  and Integrative Body Psychotherapy that allow the body to use it’s own innate wisdom to heal itself.  It also draws on the work of Byron Katie, Lester Levinson, ThetaHealing, and Agni Yoga, to help individuals shift old conditioned beliefs that are no longer useful.  Book learning can support the process and can be helpful in validating and developing new understanding.

Past life work, ancestral healing, shamanic practices,  nature and expressive art therapies can be used to further assist when needed.

When I was in my twenties, having what appeared to be a ‘psychotic break’ but which was really a spiritual emergence there was no one to turn to to help me process what I was going through.  I got through it okay, but when I look back on that time I know I could have benefited from a conscious and spiritually aware therapist who would have understood the bizarre experiences I was having. And during the sixties, when many of us were experimenting with LSD and other hallucinogens it would have been beneficial to have had someone safe and on my side to help me process those experiences as well.

I can help you as you integrate your evolving spiritual emergence and experiences with Sacred Plant Medicines.

Witnessing and honoring are the two ideal states for individuals going through spiritual emergence.  We need to be witnessed, mirrored and honored.  We need to feel seen and understood.  I have chosen to be that person and have developed this Process for others now.  I work with people who are going through experiences the mainstream therapist may not understand.  I do integration work for people going through spiritual healing processes including those connected to sacred plant journey medicines, such as Ayuasca, MDMA, LSD, Ibogaine  and Iboga. Although these substances are illegal in the United States it doesn’t mean people aren’t doing them.  And if you are one of these people, you might want a therapist to help you integrate your experience into your life.  I am also willing to accompany you to a place such as Mexico or Canada where there is less restriction.

Death visited my world last week.

CornsilkFrontI had the blessed experience of being witness to the passing of a dear mentor and friend , a poet I have been caregiving for the past 1.5 years in Portland. She was 91 years old. It was a beautiful experience to watch her take her last 3 breaths and leave this world. It took away all my fear of dying. Thank you Jane Glazer, for being a teacher to me even in your last moments here on earth.

A Personal Reflection on a Beautiful Dying Process 

There are waves of nausea moving through my body as I sit on the white couch on SW Madison for what is to be the last time. It was just last night that I was administering morphine every 4 hours to her, catching an hour or two of sleep in-between. I had heard her daughter Nancy at 4:30am tiptoe quietly past the hospital bed that was sitting in the area that had once been her dining room. And then the water coming to a boil, almost to the point of the whistle and I knew that Nancy was up for the day. That was this morning. In this moment I am preparing for another night of little sleep, another round of morphine intervals but this evening it will just be me here, alone. That was then. This is now. The Holy moment of her passing will soon change all that. A new narrative of death will be scribed into the neural pathways of my brain.

I have been grappling with all this, watching the woman I had known as a vibrant, fun 92 year old mentor to me become so lifeless, looking like a skeleton, lying there unconscious with these strong rasping breaths. But I do know now that I am feeling sick as I sit waiting for her to die, imagining it will be nights now before I get my life back. Nights of no sleep, morphine doses. I google “how long can a person live without water.” The computer responds, “a few days at most.”

CornsilkBackDeath is scary. Aging is difficult. To be with some one deteriorating is not easy and it is too easy for us in our youth and middle-age to want to push it all under the rug, not look, not be present to the inevitable. This is what I am sitting with now, on this white couch where I had spent many evenings caring for her needs. As I am grappling with the nausea in my heart area and I am trying to refocus my attention on what is most important to me to tend to now while I am still healthy, agile and have my relative youth.

I hear a different sound, something between a moan and a shriek, something I can’t pinpoint but something that says to me, “pay attention.” I get up and walk over to the dining area where she is lying, motionless except for the intense rhythm of a breath trying to find itself.

As I look on, curious, her eyes open wide, startled she shifts her gaze first to the upper right side of the room and then the left. She is seeing something, that is clear. My heart begins to pound. I am standing there frozen now. “Something is happening” I think to myself. Could this be it? What is she looking at? Some people say the angel of death comes. Is she seeing the angel of death come to get her? I wait. There is a gasp, her mouth opening wide. This must be it. I am more confident now that this is the end. Her body quiets and it looks like she is still breathing. I strain to get closer to watch but I don’t want to get too close. I wonder if I should  take her hand, but “no” I think, I do not want to interfere with this event. Suppose my touch stops the process and pulls her back into her body. So I stand there, entranced, waiting to see what happens.

Another loud rasping gasp. Is she in pain? It doesn’t seem that she is. She is just in life, just doing the natural thing the body does. I am thinking of my children’s birth. I am thinking of how it is all so natural, like this. And then I am aware of my mind doing its super-drive thing. ‘What time is it? I’ve got to know the time so I can tell people what time she died. I can’t leave, butI’ve got to get to my phone.” I stand glued, and then turn, sprinting—now reaching for the phone.

It’s 8:49pm. I look back at Jane—just in time. One more gasp and I watch her come to the point of stillness. The color of her skin is taking on a blue tint. The silence is palpable except for the quiet sounds of All-Classical Portland on OPB and the loud voices in my head.

It is 8:50pm. I have just witnessed a passing. I have just witnessed a mystery beyond mysteries and I am standing in this holy moment feeling blessed.

It was a blessing to spend the last year and a half with Jane as a friend and mentor, and me as caregiver. But mostly I felt privileged to have been with her in her last moments of passing from this world. And although she had many moments of anxiety these past few months as she drew closer to this moment, she left courageously, peacefully and gracefully. And in her last moment alive on earth, she left still as teacher. She taught me that death is nothing to fear, it is easy, natural and holy.

Intuitive Painting Teaches Inner Knowing

IMG_0165Intuitive painting teaches to discern the intuitive voice from the other voices in our head. It’s not about making pretty pictures, it’s about the process of learning to live by intuition.  Learning to hear the voice of my intuitive heart and follow her is utterly gratifying and watching myself stumble through the process, making big and little mistakes because I didn’t listen, is also humbling.

Thrilled to be starting my books!

Pushing through this project is not easy.  My inner critic is working 24 hours to shut me down.  This time I’m not letting her run the show.  Yesterday set up a painting area and a book-work project area.  Here they are, all ready to go.  Nothing to stop me now except my own mind. IMG_0110IMG_0100

Creative Mystery

Creativity puts us right smack into the unknown. The ego thinks it knows everything. But all it knows is the past.  When we are alive in the present moment without the past as our reference, we living the magic and mystery of creation.  There has never been and will be another moment like this one.


Are you Living Inspired?

If not, you may not be expressing yourself and your creativity!

How do I know?

For many years I lived uninspired trying to be the best person I thought I should be.  Then I had a revelation!  I realized I was unhappy because I was shutting down my creative impulses.  It took a lot of guts but I gave in. . .


The Danger Monster


This is the beginning of the process.

I get an idea.  First I shrink away and let it hang out in the realm of ideas.

I have had so many ideas that end up nowhere. . . no more!  no more! nada, nada, nada. NO.

So I have this idea and I have no idea how to make it happen, or how to “allow” it to happen (the correct spiritual verbiage).  Determined I fish around on the internet looking for a coach.  I find a book coach and on a whim sign up for a half hour consult.  This is nothing to sneeze at.  It is costing me $150.

Danger Monster says:  What have you done?! Are you kidding yourself? Are you an idiot or something!

Now I’m looking around for relief.  Anything! And since I don’t indulge anymore in the once familiar sugar addiction thing, I turn to one of my favorite spiritual texts.   

And I start praying, God, what would you have me do?

GOD doesn’t respond.  I’m not quiet enough to hear God’s quiet voice within. The Danger Monster and his cousins are making too much noise.

My head is full of stinking thinking!

“Maybe I should cancel!”  It’s too late to cancel.

I pick up the phone and dial.

I tell her it’s a stupid idea.

I tell her that this is the stupidest idea anyone has ever had.

But I tell her anyway.

She LOVES it!

She tells me what to do to get the idea into a real book.

She tells me how to market it.

She tells me that she is just like me!

She tells me what she did to get her stuff out there!

I think God answered me.

Jane Latimer, MA is a Soul Guide, Psychotherapist and Creativity Coach. She offers personal sessions by phone or Skype, online programs and personal retreats for women who wish to live in alignment with their deepest longings.