When you access your intuitive creative potential, your life will take-off!


It’s not about being an artist.  It’s about freeing your creative life-force.


When I was working with women with food and body issues, I discovered that the work that seemed to have the most impact was the intuitive creative work we did together.  Underlying our addictions and our negative self-generated patterns is a creative spirit crying to get out.


Without access to our creative life-force we are stuck repeating the same old patterns over and over again.  We can’t change or create anything new.


Creativity isn’t about art, or music, or dance or any one particular thing. It is about using the imagination to focus ourselves in any way we desire, to create new possibility. Creativity is about playing, lightening up, having fun.  It is about spontaneity, intuition, imagination and focusing our primal instincts.  It is what brings us alive!


If you are a sensitive person who has had to sell your soul to make your life work, you are missing your intuitive creative self.  If you’ve been struggling with issues that create misdirection or dysfunction that result in unhappiness, compromise and disempowerment, creativity is the main tool that will show you the way through and out.

Intuitive Creative Transformation is at the Core of my Work.

We focus on what it is you want to create whether that be a good relationship, a life free of addiction, happiness in your work, prosperity and then we use the tools of creative empowerment to cause that to happen.


As a spiritual counselor and psychotherapist, I help individuals heal while creating success patterns that support their dreams and aspirations. Your life goals are the ground upon which we do our deep healing work. I stand by you until you can say, “I did it!” This is a transformational process that will take you from dysfunction to mastery.

Creativity is our life-force. Imbued throughout all of nature, it heals, enlivens and transforms. When our creativity is liberated, imagination and intuition guide us to joy.

I have a variety of individual packages and programs available.

If you don’t think you’re creative, check out Healing the Wounded Creative.

Trauma can impede your mastery.  More about trauma work here.

Money fears can impact your ability to create freely.  More about money therapy here.

Many creatives struggle with emotional eating. More about emotional eating here.

If you are interested send me an email. The first session (at no charge) is always geared to explore your goals and to see if working together will be a good fit. I work by phone, skype or in-person. Schedule an initial consult by emailing me here.

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