If you yearn to feel more alive, activate your creative spark, express more authentically. . . 

The journey is not a straight one. There are periods of expansion followed by periods of contraction as we bring less evolved parts up to speed. My work is the work of helping you understand and integrate those parts that are pulling you back. In this free ebook, I will give you 3 keys for embracing your inner intuitive creative

  • learn the 3 Nasties that will shut you down everytime
  • discover the reason you are probably NOT doing what you most want to do
  • learn why loving yourself is key
  • incorporate a simple method for boosting your aliveness
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“My passion is to help women who are on a spiritual path access their full power, feel more alive and creative, and live soul infused lives.”  

Jane E. Latimer, MA is a Psychotherapist, Artist, Author and Soul Guide