Negative Mind Cleanse Day #4

On Day #4 of a Negative Mind Cleanse. Been watching and releasing every negative thought that goes through my mind. That includes worry, stress, judgement of others and myself, pressure to be more or different than I am, desires to be different, disapproval, shame, resentment, jealousy, fear, and the list goes on. Never realized until now how driven and burdened I’ve been by negativity. On the¬†surface it seems that I’m loving, but underneath so much misery. I’m curious about how much energy I can free up, how much more lightness I can be, how much joy I can actually feel and how much peace I can achieve. Regardless of external circumstances. I’ve given myself a 3-month personal retreat for this project. Most of my day is spent witnessing and releasing. Everything else is secondary. So far, I’ve tackled some deep despair, depression, worry, loneliness and grief. Today, Day #4 I feel significantly lighter. The sun is so bright, the breeze is heavenly. The sounds that used to annoy me don’t anymore. My body has stopped hurting me. And this is only Day #4.

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