Welcome! I’m Jane and I suffered for 20 years with a debilitating eating disorder, then I broke free! I want my life’s struggles and successes to help you. This is why I created. . .


Nourishing the Hungry Soul is an inexpensive, unique and comprehensive program you can work from the comfort of your own home.Gain freedom from struggle with food” whether you binge, overeat, or restrict, and no matter what your body size.” Here you will learn the skills to:

  • nurture yourself without food
  • identify key factors that are at the center of your food problems
  • overcome sabotaging mindsets
  • eat in a way that supports your physiological and psychological well-being
  • heal the fragmentation that leads to extreme states of panic and anxiety
  • manage feelings that contribute to emotional eating
  • use tools for expressing and discharging extreme feelings safely
  • embrace an attitude of self-forgiveness and compassion, which returns one’s eating to a state of balance quickly
  • restore your body weight to reflect the image of who you truly are

As you wAs you work through the lessons in this depthful program you will gain the skills to become free of food and weight struggle, learn to handle the stress causing emotional eating and embrace your body’s natural weight without dieting.


You probably already know there’s more to you than the size of your body and that your body and food struggle block your ability to connect with your greatest self.  What you may not know is that your body holds unconscious patterns that are blocking you from becoming all that you can be.  If you think you’ve tried everything, yet are still struggling, you’re missing a key piece of the puzzle – your body wisdom.  Your body holds the key to your release.


The only way out of food and weight struggle is to face, embrace and listen to the messages of the body you resist.  Your body is and will continue to rebel until you listen to it.  And it won’t stop until you face it.


Talking about the problem won’t solve it. Body problems can’t be resolved with the mind. You can’t talk yourself into solution, fix yourself into solution or discipline yourself into solution. Why? Because the body won’t go along with what the mind says if the body doesn’t agree. The only way out is through the wisdom of the body.


You may have patterns of thinking that sabotage you. If you do, these patterns have to be identified, witnessed and released. In Nourishing the Hungry Soul we shift awareness away from the sabotaging mental patterns, through aligning you with the mind of the heart. You learn how to live from the heart-mind, which is already whole and free. (Research into the psychological and physiological function of the heart teaches us that heart-intelligence guides us into a deeper, intuitive relationship with our being. As we learn to access the special intelligence of the heart, we open and expand our capacity to resolve our life problems from a place of wisdom in a way that serves the greater whole.)

Nourishing the Hungry Soul will provide a roadmap to success through…

  • Practical skills that help you overcome your fear of food
  • Guidance for establishing a personalized Way of Eating that embraces your biochemistry, lifestyle and body-wisdom
  • Guided step-by-step lessons that take you from struggle and frustration to peace with food
  • Methods for aligning your actions with the wisdom of your body and heart
  • Meditations and visualizations that lock-in your unique heart-intelligence



Overweight is caused by biochemical imbalances and overeating due to emotional reasons. Emotional eaters must deal with their emotional eating patterns and their biochemical imbalances. Nourishing the Hungry Soul addresses these two causes of overweight without focusing on weight loss. Focusing on weight loss is a distraction and will ultimately sabotage your weight loss efforts. With that said, once your biochemistry is brought into balance and you have developed skills to nurture yourself without food, you can focus and be successful with weight loss.



The educational components  guide you through the confusing complexity of the mind, taking you directly to the simplicity of your heart. You are shown how to access the wisdom of your body to nurture and nourish yourself without food. Nourishing the Hungry Soul is a heart-based program. The solutions are found within the spaces of your own highest being. Nourishing the Hungry Soul shows you how to access that.

This Nourishing the Hungry Soul program consists of 9 live group sessions, weekly lessons, video and easy-to-access audio downloads and pdfs which you will have access to every week.


New Portland and ONLINE Groups Starting January 2018


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