“Most of us have to work through old conditioned patterns in order to access our true nature.  The path of the psychological, spiritual and the creative are the same — they point the way back to our natural self.”  Jane

I’ve learned that spirit knows how to heal what still hurts. 

The spiritual path is about uncovering who we truly are. 

We can fall into conditioned limited ways of being that cause suffering or we can rise to the highest and greatest life we can live. 

I love helping people use their spiritual awareness to consciously create a more fulfilling reality.

And through the years I have learned an array of spiritual and psychological tools to help you do just that. 

I’ve integrated those tools into a process I now call Spiritual Process Therapy(tm) and I’d love to share it with you.  

What is Spiritual Process Therapy(tm) and How is it Different from Regular Psychotherapy?

The key difference is that the therapist has a larger context in which to do her work.  When someone is leaving an old paradigm and entering into another that is larger, more comprehensive and inclusive, and demands old conditioned limited beliefs be dissolved, it can be disorienting for the individual.  Who we are becoming lies somewhere in the unknown and the client as well as the therapist have to be willing to be patient enough to allow that process to unfold naturally without much interference.

I have had clients classified as Borderline Personality Disorder, DID and Developmental Trauma Disorder and treated as if something was majorly wrong.  This is incredibly harmful.  These fragile egos, which are trying to understand themselves and where they are going now begin to believe that who they are is “not okay.”   That is the last thing we need to do to each other. The spiritual integration process can activate older traumas and developmental issues, and those need to be handled in a way that is trusting of the psyche’s unfolding process.   Spirit knows how to heal it’s less evolved parts.  The therapist needs to trust and teach the client how to trust this Sacred process as it bursts out of its limited shell. We need to be witnessed in that evolution.  And the main job of the therapist is to send a message of trust, trust, trust!!

There are techniques that can be used that deepen, support and ground that trust.  Spiritual Process Therapy(tm) works with somatic processes such as Somatic Experiencing,  and Integrative Body Psychotherapy that allow the body to use it’s own innate wisdom to heal itself.  It also draws on the work of Byron Katie, Lester Levinson, The Course in Miracles, ThetaHealing(r), and Agni (fire) Yoga, and Psychedelic Therapies to help individuals shift old conditioned beliefs that are no longer useful.  Nature and expressive art processes can be used to further assist when needed.

When I was in my twenties, having what appeared to be a ‘psychotic break’ but which was really a spiritual emergence there was no one to turn to to help me process what I was going through.  I got through it okay, but when I look back on that time I know I could have benefited from a conscious and spiritually aware therapist who would have understood the bizarre experiences I was having. And during the sixties, when many of us were experimenting with LSD and other hallucinogens it would have been beneficial to have had someone safe and on my side to help me process those experiences as well.

I can help you as you integrate your evolving spiritual emergence and experiences with Sacred Healing Plants.

Witnessing and honoring are the two ideal states for individuals going through spiritual emergence.  We need to be witnessed, mirrored and honored.  We need to feel seen and understood.  I have chosen to be that person and have developed this process for others now.  I work with people who are going through experiences the mainstream therapist may not understand.  I do integration work for people going through spiritual healing processes including those connected to sacred plant journeys, such as Ayuasca, MDMA, LSD, Ibogaine  and Iboga. Although these substances are illegal in the United States it doesn’t mean people aren’t doing them.  And if you are one of these people, you might want a therapist to help you integrate your experience into your life.  I am also willing to accompany you to a place such as Mexico or Canada where there is less restriction.

About Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic Therapy (at the time of writing) is illegal in the United States. According to MAPS, however, it is believed that the FDA will be allowing the use of MDMA for PTSD treatment in 2021.  Clinical trials are proving to show that medicines such as MDMA, under the right therapeutic setting have a great potential to alleviate the suffering of trauma. I believe strongly that they have their place in trauma treatment and therefore, I help individuals with trauma and addictions prepare for  their journeys and integrate their experiences afterwards.

Intuition and creativity are both gateways to the Sacred, our Highest Source and True Being.

Without them, we can’t know our true path or destiny. Intuition is the guidance system while creativity is what enables us to take the Hero’s journey away from what has been stifling and limiting into the true nature of our being.


Psychedelics serve this function by:
1.  healing the trauma that has repressed and inhibited the connection to our intuitive and creative nature
2.  creating a gateway into the realm of unlimited possibility
3.  providing a way to access creative solutions to problems, by opening channels in our brain to other realms

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