SoulJourneysWhen You Desire a Deep Dive Intensive Retreat

Join me for a Soul Journey in my home in Portland OR, or at a natural setting of your choice.

For individuals who are ready to do the deep work of self-discovery and have the time to devote a full day, week, or month to your transformation.  Contact me to find out more about this program.  This is the ultimate yummy luscious self-care you may have been looking for.  Imagine being held in a safe loving container to explore your edge and break new ground.875385EB-D17E-4FB6-8FF8-977EF3F1B6C9

Together we will utilize transpersonal and somatic processes in nature,  expressive arts activities, inquiry, parts work, journaling and expressive writing center deeply into the core essence of your being while identifying patterns and limitations that are blocking you from being the person you know you can be.


A Soul Journey will call to you if you. . .
  • are in transition and feel lost, disoriented or not sure which direction to go
  • have unresolved issues that are blocking clarity, imagination and intuition
  • are experiencing struggles in areas of work, body-image, or money
  • are in major transitions like divorce, mid-life, illness and need spiritual support and direction as well as the time and space to tend to your very precious heart
  • are experiencing a deep hunger to know yourself more intimately

natural eatingJane has had over 30 years of professional experience helping individuals in intensive settings. Her experience in treating trauma, disordered eating, creative process and transformational healing has given her the gift to work deeply and intensively to help you with the psychological, emotional and spiritual disconnect that is at root of most issues.



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