Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed or unable to focus?  Perhaps you feel out-of-control and wish you could be more productive.  Trauma may be the reason.

Trauma creates fear patterns that stop us from moving in the direction of our Soul’s greatest purpose.  It can cause a negative looping in our brain and a feeling of being stuck or trapped.

Stress is prevalent in our society today and trauma is an overwhelming stress that causes the mind and body to shut down.  While some people thrive on a healthy degree of stress, no one thrives when traumatized.  Trauma can come as the result of a one-time invasive overwhelming situation that causes shock to the nervous system (like a rape or a car-accident), or as the result of chronic and pervasive situations where our basic needs for survival, love and control were not met.

Sexual abuse, an alcoholic parent or emotionally absent parents are forms of developmental trauma and when happen to us as children can create additional problems corresponding to the stage of life the trauma occurred.
Most people who are depressed or anxious or suffer addictions, eating disorders or ongoing money struggles have some kind of unresolved developmental trauma lurking in the shadows.

Trauma can hurt our creativity, ability to enjoy life, have loving relationships and prosper financially.  It impacts our ability to love ourselves, find joy and prosper.

If you are feeling stuck, struggling in relationships, or have issues with food, body-image or money or can’t seem to feel connected and fulfilled in your own skin, trauma may be the reason.

Don’t let trauma steal your greatest gifts.

You may need to do trauma work as part of your spiritual work and to resolve issues with relationships, emotional eating, creativity or money.  Trauma work is available in individual packages of 5 to 10 hours or more and starts with an initial consultation. You may also wish to combine it with Psychedelic Psychotherapy and/or Immersion Programs.

If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me for a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation.


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