FindingYourSoulSpaceWhether you are healing from an addiction or a trauma, grappling with old patterns that are keeping you stuck or are confused as to your next step, tapping into your Soul-force will guide the way.

Hi!  My name is Jane.  I’m a Soul Guide, Psychotherapist and Creativity Coach and my greatest love is working with women who want to dive deeper into the core essence of their greatest passions and gifts.

What I do:  I help release unwanted conditioned roles and behaviors, while supporting your deep dive into the the mystery of you to uncover your greatest fulfillment and heart-based truths.

How do I do what I do:  I work with all manner of creative and nature-based processes, including but not limited to artistic expression, dreamwork, movement, nature-based excursions, body-centered awareness, mindfulness, shamanic journeys and Soul-centered explorations of all kinds.  Together, we enter into the realm of mystery and allow your process to guide the way.  This is a Sacred Passage, a dying to the old and a rebirth into something new.

What is a Soul Guide?

The Soul calls to us through the language of feelings, woundings, body sensations, dreams, expressive arts and other intuitive and instinctive impulses. When we’ve been wounded by lack of love in our early relationships, we learn dysfunctional patterns that continue to sabotage our relationships later in life. This early life trauma shows up as some form of pattern that cause us to feel stuck or to have problems in our relationships with others, or with money or with addictions. As a Soul Guide and  psychotherapist, I will help you bring awareness to the patterns that are creating the problems you have in your life while listening deeply to the whisperings of your Soul.

As you begin to nourish your true Self, energy is released and healing occurs. As you heal these old patterns, while simultaneously learning the life-skills needed for success, your relationship to life is set right. Integration occurs as you heal your inner wounds, unleash your creativity and taking the necessary outer steps to follow the calling of your Soul.

Some of the work I do includes:

Soulwork, dreamwork and other depth-oriented processes.

Excursions into nature for healing, regeneration and renewal.

Plant medicine work for accessing alternate and non-ordinary realities, for the expansion of consciousness and the healing of trauma.

End of Life issues and passages.

Money Therapy: including understanding your money archetypes and dealing with issues of overspending and underearning.

Creative Empowerment

Emotional Eating especially as it relates to issues of Soul hunger.

SoulJourneys — an intensive exploration into your goals and aspirations.

I have a variety of individual packages available.

If you want to find out more, let’s chat. The first session (at no charge) is always geared to explore your goals and to see if working together will be a good fit. I work by phone, skype or in-person.

Read more at my blog here.

Jane’s upcoming book, The Way of the Intuitive Creative Soul, is coming soon. More here.