The world needs you! Don’t let struggle stand in the way of you living your Greatest LIFE!

ICanHelpIf you are a sensitive person who has had to sell your soul to make your life work, there is hope! If you’ve been struggling with issues that create misdirection, misalignment, or dysfunction and result in unhappiness, compromise and disempowerment I can help.

I help individuals who are looking for new direction, meaning and greater fulfillment make peace with themselves, heal dysfunctional patterns and operate successfully in a way that is in alignment with the life they are meant to live.  No more compromises, no more struggling or wondering if there is something seriously wrong with you.

As a therapeutic coach, I  help individuals heal while creating success patterns that support their dreams and aspirations.  Your life goals are the ground upon which we do our deep healing work.  As your therapeutic coach I stand by you until you can say, “I did it!”

To this end, I have developed a process entitled Life-Soul Integration.

What is Life-Soul Integration?

The Soul calls to us through the language of dreams, wounding, body sensations, feelings and other intuitive and instinctive impulses.  When we’ve been wounded by lack of love in our early relationships, we learn dysfunctional patterns that continue to sabotage our relationships later in life.  This early life trauma shows up as some form of dissociative pattern that causes problems with food, money and relationships.  With the support of a therapeutic coach you bring awareness to the patterns that are creating the problems you have in your life.

As you begin to nourish your true Self, energy is released and healing occurs.  As you heal these old wounds, while simultaneously learning the life-skills needed for success, your relationship to life is set right. Life-soul integration occurs as you heal your inner wounds while taking the necessary outer steps to eliminate behaviors that create dysfunctional patterns (such as avoidance, procrastination, dysfunctional eating and struggles with money).

I have a variety of individual packages available.

If you are interested send me an email.  The first session (at no charge) is always geared to explore your goals and to see if working together will be a good fit. I work by phone, skype or in-person.  Schedule an initial consult by emailing me here.

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