Most of us struggle with allowing ourselves to be who we really are...

I certainly did! After years of struggle I finally figured out who I was and that was the beginning of living my real life.  Basically I was a screwed up creative person who couldn't make it in the "real world" so I was forced to venture out on my own. As a result of years of deep inner and outer work I have been able to create a life of unique meaning, fulfillment and purpose.

I chose to live life my way and I can help you do that too.  So, whether you are struggling with addictions, lack of meaning, relationship issues or symptoms of developmental trauma, I can help you find the way back to your true Self.

I've dedicated my life to helping others heal, evolve and free their creative spirit. Now, as an elder, I've earned the wisdom and experience to hold space for your deepening soul.

“My purpose is to activate the soul seed of truth within you, to help you retrieve and claim your life of true belonging, aliveness, and meaning”

How can I help you?

What People Are Saying

“OMG! I am so grateful for the weaving of these pieces of soul source, ancestral lineage healing, identification of and discharging what is not ours/not me, the joy of our true selves coming forth when I feel a more secure attachment piece that is healing and so much more! The alchemical lightwork, ceremony and ancestral lineage healing, somatic, attachment theory, birth trauma, feeling into what is mine/not mine (ancestral burdens/gifts), safety, attunement brings in focus all my trauma thereapy work. The course speaks my language. I love how this course is articulating the deep integration work I've dedicated myself to that feels so liberating for me and the collective. Each week is serving as a gauge of healing soulwork and catalyzing a rebirth of my self. I can see where I am at and how far I've come and what feels right moving forward. What has felt disparate is crystalizing as you two weave all the pieces together.”

Laura photo– Laura WA

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