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Awaken Your Genius: New book by Ozan Varol

Hi Visionary Travelers!

A package arrived at my door yesterday. The doorbell rang and I heard the delivery person retreat. I didn’t retrieve it right away, not expecting anything special, and then forgot about it until this morning when I opened the door for my morning walk. When I saw the package had the return address of a former student, I quickly scooped it up and went back inside. I gasped as I cut aside the packaging. And then tears welled from deep inside my heart. 

This is why I do the work I do.

Ozan’s book, Awaken Your Genius, teaches us how to embody our own genius. He writes: “Extraordinary people carve their own paths as leaders and creators.  They think and act with genuine independence.  They stand out from the crowd because they embody their own shape and color.”  

Many days, when I’m not focused on a particular task—a project I care about, a topic I’m developing for my students—I am vulnerable to the negative voice inside my head that refuses to believe I can contribute anything to the world.  I am a child of emotional neglect and a dysfunctional family, and like others who lacked the voice of a nurturing caregiver, I developed an abusive voice that is always looking for a gap in my attention to tell me I’m wrong and not worthy of existence.

And yet despite that voice, I’ve taught myself how to think and live my own shape and color.  I have managed to keep going, doing what I believe in, walking the talk, hoping someone will benefit from the work I do—even when that voice tries to take me down. Today, as I stood in my kitchen holding Ozan’s book, I realized that Ozan was one of  those someone’s. 

If you’re serious about discovering your unique capacities and stepping out in the world the way your heart and inner guidance directs you, buy a copy of Ozan’s book. His message: We are all geniuses . . . All we have to do is open up to the genius within and live it. (He is also the author of the wonderful book Think Like a Rocket Scientist.)

If you order from this link, you can also receive some special bonus gifts.  

Thank you, Ozan, for your willingness, courage, and strength to follow your inner guidance. I am honored to have been a support to your genius when you needed one.

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