I am a creative (artist & writer), entrepreneur and trauma-informed personal growth teacher.  I hold a masters degrees in both counseling psychology and art, from Hunter College and Regis University, My own personal healing path, however, encompassed years of  alchemical lightwork which I now blend with shamanic and psychological practices. I am committed to helping individuals free their creative spirit and live their soul’s destiny. My background includes areas of transpersonal and humanistic psychology,  expressive arts and somatic trauma therapies.

I am also an advocate for the proper and careful use of low-dose plant medicines in combination with spiritual and psychological technologies to help us move beyond our limited beliefs and hardened defense patterns.

Life is no piece of cake! My greatest love is to help individuals  live into their authentic creative and joy-infused lives (as much as we are able on this crazy planet of ours).

I was a serious, sensitive, deep and troubled person.

I didn’t know how to live in alignment with my highly sensitive, intuitive and creative nature.  A spiritual awakening in my early twenties led me to a path of healing which has resulted in over thirty years of successful freedom from food struggle, depression and dysfunction. After an array of miraculous spiritual experiences and many years of working on my own healing process, I became a psychotherapist, developed programs and books that helped countless people with trauma, food and body-image issues feel more hopeful and turn their lives around. After that initial awakening I had many “soul encounters” along the way that guided me deeper into my path as an Intuitive and Creative Soul Guide.

Today, I work somatically as well as spiritually...

to support the unfolding of your greatest calling. Utilizing energetic and trauma release techniques as well as dreamwork, active imagination, IFS and shadow work, archetypal, nature and the expressive arts , I will help you see beyond and underneath the patterns that are holding you back. As you awaken into your greater capacities, I can help the hurting parts within heal so that you can feel in-control and in-charge of your life again.

“My dream is that every individual who so desires, transform their wounds and unleash their inner passion and beauty, discovering the possibilities of fiercely alive, authentic self-expression”
~ Jane E. Latimer

I am also a mother, grandmother, healer and world traveler. 

Life is short!

As an elder I now honor the wisdom I've accrued and the experience I have, using both to support your unfolding journey.

I have authored three books, Living Binge-FreeBeyond the Food Game, and The Healing Power of Inner Light-Fire and founded the Aliveness Institute (offering workshops, professional trainings, and coaching programs) and Developing Your Soul Seed (a year-long online program) as well as authored numerous audios and workbooks.

”You have the formula to unlock the power of truth all over this land. What a great force for good. Keep expressing your essence. WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU!!” ~ Kate Thompson (Whidbey Island, WA)

I now offer online programs, as well as personal intensives, private sessions (in person or over zoom) and retreats.  To schedule, contact me via email.


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