Boost your Results with Psychedelic Therapy

Harness the Power of the Non-Ordinary to Heal, Create and Live your Soul Purpose

If you are on a healing or transformational path and would like to explore how psychedelics can support your process, I may be able to help.

Psychedelic medicines are now becoming mainstream options in the mental health field.  And although they can support exponential growth, they can also be highly destabilizing.  NEVER try to use them without professional guidance.

I have over 5 decades of experience (personally and professionally) with a variety of psychedelic medicines.  I have worked in Oregon as a preparation and integration specialist with over 300 individuals.  One thing I have learned: this process is not to be engaged in lightly. Proceed with caution.  Don't be stupid! 

If you are interested in catapulting your journey in a safe and efficient manner, I may be able to help. 

If you would like to explore the possibility of working with me either individually, or as a couple, or you would like to join the waitlist for my program, Developing Your Soul Seed email me at

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Read more about the program below.

Developing Your Soul Seed

This Program is for you if you

  • are a professional wanting to explore the power of non-ordinary states for healing or manifesting a vision that is close to your heart
  • are burnt-out with the typical healing modalities you are currently using
  • are looking for a community of other professionals, healers, and therapists who are exploring in the same way you are
  • have high standards for authenticity and professionalism  and have already done a lot of work on yourself and want to go deeper

Program Description

Developing Your Soul Seed is an in-depth program that consists of online video lessons; weekly live process calls with your cohort and Soul Seed facilitator; and weekend virtual retreats that give you the opportunity to enter into non-ordinary states (i.e., breathwork, trance dance, low-dose legal psychedelics such as ketamine or cannabis, cacao, dreamwork, nature walks, shamanic journeying, etc.)  in the safety of your home.  With the support of our community, and the use of experiential and unique ceremonial processes, we enter difficult-to-access areas of the subconscious so that you can release and transmute stuck patterns and obstructions.  Free from these blocks, you are able to step into your unique soul imprint and live a life of meaning and purpose.

New to Soul Seed?

We want to be sure all participants can safely enter into altered states. For this reason, we require you to fill out an application and be accepted into the program.

In addition, we ask that partners (if you are partnered) are 100% on board with you doing this work and that you have a minimum of two close friends with whom you would feel comfortable in an emergency (e.g., to take you to a hospital or assist should you encounter extreme fear or temporary hallucination.)

Please fill out an application here.

Developing Your Soul Seed has an Intro Course, Module 1 and Module 2. You do not need to take them in any order.  After you fill out the application, we will discuss which option is best for you.

For More info and to resgister for Module 1: Embodying Vision

"I work with the alchemical power of sacred ceremony as an intentional bridge between your life as you know it and your all-knowing Soul. Together we embrace the catalytic power of past struggles — ushering you into a spiritually expanded, fulfilling, soul-directed life. My passion is in guiding you to safely land into radical transformation."

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