Ceremonial Alchemy - Honoring the Sacred

Experience the potency of ritual to catalyze deep and lasting change


I work with the alchemical power of sacred ceremony as an intentional bridge between your life as you know it and your all-knowing Soul. Together we embrace the catalytic power of past trauma — ushering you into a spiritually expanded, fulfilling, soul-directed life. My passion is in guiding you to safely land into radical transformation.

Ceremonial Alchemy is a process I use with Individuals and couples to explore non-ordinary states (such as plant medicine, entheogens and psychedelics) for healing, spiritual awakening, and personal growth.

Together, we create a strong container in which you can safely explore aspects of yourself through nature, dreams and altered states of consciousness.

With the help of benevolent spirit allies, I help you access realms of awareness that enable you to transcend your everyday struggles and find solutions outside your normal modes of perception.

Uplevel the Potency of your

Journey work with Ceremony

As a Ceremonial Alchemist, I connect with ancient wisdom and healing energy through trance, sound, movement, and ritual  that supports your connection with Soul.  When coupled with strong intention and the help of plant medicine, this elicits a transmutational force that catapults you into a higher dimension for healing and transformation.

For more information, email me at jane@janelatimer.com with “Ceremonial Alchemy” in the subject header.

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