Get In Touch With Jane

Presently I work over zoom and in Tucson, Flagstaff, Portland OR, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Olympia WA and can be reached by emailing me below or calling

Telephone: 503.293.8906


NOTE:  Please do not contact me asking me to facilitate a psychedelic session or do psychedelic psychotherapy.  I get many of these types of emails a week.  Although the research is promising, and I believe they are powerful tools of healing, I would be putting my lifestyle at legal risk to suggest that I can engage in these types of sessions. If you wish to discuss ways to potentiate your experience, ways to reduce harm using them and if you wish to find out how to engage with similar types of safe and legal alternatives especially for the healing of childhood trauma and to support your spiritual awakening, the best way to get in touch with me is to send me an email ( and in the subject header simply say “interested in your work.”

If you are interested in attending a Virtual Retreat or in information about the Apprenticeship Program and have never worked with me before please put RETREAT or TRAINING APPLICATION in the subject header.

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