Creative journal writing techniques for enhancing intentions and outcomes of psychedelic therapies.

Research has now proven that expressive writing supports neuroplasticity, allowing for enhanced well-being, healing and transformation.

In this online group, we explore a variety of journal writing techniques for ongoing integration and preparation.  Creative journal writing in combination with psychedelics (whether microdosing or macrodosing) can enhance a sense of meaning, help us live on-purpose, heal wounds from the past, work through blocks and enhance creative flow. With the help of these journal tools, we will gently but powerfully explore various aspects of ourselves—our relationships, our emotional, creative, instinctual and multi-dimensional worlds

You will learn how to

  • Safely release tension, frustration, anger and other strong emotions.

  • Access the subconscious mind and tap into the vast knowledge stored there.

  • Keep a record of how your life unfolds.

  • Track cycles, patterns and trends in your life.

  • Unlock the mysteries of your dreams.

  • Experiment with creative writing.

  • Clarify goals and strategies

  • Use your journal as a guide and trusted friend

  • Use journal to do your own Intentional Family Systems (IFS) therapy

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