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The purpose of the PsyAlchemy Apprenticeship program and this Introductory Prep program, Developing your Soul Seed is to activate the soul seed essence of participants to live their embodied soul’s presence in the world.  Each of us has a place and is an essential component of the whole.   Each of us is needed, especially at this time in history when the old patriarchal structures are being dismantled and the cultural collective is reconfiguring to become more aligned with unity consciousness.  As patriarchal values are coming down, there is a desperate need for those of us who are ready and able to be of service to this greater awakening to step up.

What if symptoms of Complex PTSD, depression and anxiety are really opportunities to access our greatest capacities?  And what if the way we use our non-ordinary states (whether with breathwork, vision quests, drumming, trance dance, psychedelics or others means), greatly impacts what we receive and achieve in our journeys?

I believe that our Plant Medicine Elders are a species that are here to assist our evolutionary process.  If this is true, then focusing on healing our wounds in order to relieve symptoms is a distraction to what we are really here to do and accomplish.

What if unity consciousness or mystical experiences are only the beginning?

What would happen if we consciously utilized our non-ordinary experiences to not only heal but also to become the radiant beings we truly are — living our embodied spiritual essence informed by divine guidance and love? And what if the path to living that love, is to know without a doubt our individuated soul path — our lessons and purpose?

This 4 month Training Program will give you a model for healing that is psychological, somatic and  transpersonal, that assists your healing while illuminating your soul’s purpose.

This training program will give you the tools for using expanded states of consciousness to. . .

  • Activate and Embody your Soul Purpose
  • Access your Innate Creative Intelligence
  • Clear old nervous system trauma patterns that blocks who you are here to BE and what you are here to DO
  • Transmute the density that blocks your inner radiant source light
  • Assist in awakening
  • Travel to other dimensions to retrieve lost soul parts and activate latent gifts and capacities
  • Replace old patriarchal patterns with unity consciousness
  • Heal trauma patterns for the collective as you heal your own
  • Learn wholistic processes that teach the Laws of Manifestation (Law of Attraction is just one) that begin in the mind but MUST include the science of neuroception and identity transformation
  • The art and craft of quantum leaping

Interested?  Read on. . .

Hello Friends, 

I am EXCITED to announce that the 4th wave of Developing Your Soul Seed is coming together.  You will benefit from the feedback and experience of the first three rounds of individuals who just completed this program, as well as from the opportunity to work with those who have come before you and are now learning to Guide others in non-ordinary and transpersonal states* and become Mentors.

“We all owe to the cosmic order, and it is impossible, at this level, to do for others what others are expected to do for themselves.  We owe to the cosmic order because we are individually and communally responsible for its maintenance.  Every person is sent to this outpost called earth to work on a project that is intended to keep this cosmic order healthy.  Any person that fails to do what he or she must do energetically stains the cosmic order.”  From Ritual by Malidoma Patrice Some

To this end, I envision this program as a collective creation.  My role is to activate your power so that you may fully step into what you are here to do.

Developing your Soul Seed is an Introductory Program which will prepare you to enter into the PsyAlchemy Apprenticeship Practicum which presently takes place online via Virtual Retreat and as needed in-person retreats or individual apprenticeship in Portland OR (times and place will be determined as needed).  This Introductory Program, Developing Your Soul Seed will meet  October ’22 – December 2022. After we have convened for 3 months, we will assess your individual progress and goals and decide how best to proceed. This preparation time will  give you time to ascertain your level of commitment to this process, with an option to enter the PsyAlchemy Experiential Retreat in  2023 or go on to complete Advanced Training in Soul Embodiment & Awakening.


This Introductory Program will consist of required reading and homework, intensive online educational and experiential classes delivered weekly by Jane and Apprentice Graduates.  This format will give you a framework within which to accelerate your personal and spiritual growth and, for those of you who wish to hold space for others, give you more solid ground upon which to do this.   As you can see from the testimonials at the end of this page that the coursework is extensive and, as a few have said, needs a lifetime to master.  I am offering it here as a 4 month course so that you understand the depth and breadth of personal transformation and what is required to be an accomplished facilitator of expanded states of consciousness.

Content Includes

Alchemy & Ritual: Practices of Ritual, Ceremony,  Alchemical Lightwork, Nature & Dreamwork.

Soul Work: Soul lessons; Soul Contracts, Soul Retrieval; Soul Protectors and Exiles (based on IFS); Impact of Soul on the identity and nervous system

Trauma Work:  Somatic Practices for Releasing Trauma; Impact of Attachment Wounding on Soul Purpose; Polyvagal Theory;

Multi-Dimensional:  Soul Retrieval, Dimensional Travel and Realms

Here are the Details

Evening Group Sessions (TBD): Facilitated by Jane Latimer,MA and Professional Colleagues & Apprentices

Programs Dates: Mondays evenings 4pm PT, (beginning October 24 through March 13) plus 3 weekends.

PROGRAM Learning Labs take place one weekend per month: (beginning November)

  • October 28-30
  • November 18-20
  • December 9-11

*NOTE: Dates are still subject to change

Our learning labs are Virtual Retreats where you get to practice and go deeper with the material that is being taught in the monthly Module, experienced in the comfort of your home, Friday 5pm-8pm pst; Saturday 10am – 5pm; and Sunday 10am- 1pm. All pacific time. (Times may be shorter or longer depending on the number of participants)

Individual assessments and sessions can be scheduled as needed with a focus on the educational topics being explored (at additional charge)


A book list is available for both required and optional reading.  As soon as you register, you will have access to begin your reading.

 PAYMENT (July/August):  $2400; or 3 payments of $850; or 4 payments of $650

  • Evenings, October 2022 – December 2022 (Mondays at 4pm PT) (Contact me for details)
  • Learning Lab Virtual Weekend Retreats:
  • October 28-30
  • November 18-20
  • December 9-11

NOTE 1: You are highly encouraged to attend all group meetings live on zoom unless an emergency prevents you from coming.  We are building a collective healing field which cannot happen if individuals only participate by recording.

NOTE 2: For those of you who wish to continue on with Apprenticeship Hands-On Practicum Training, you will be asked to complete two out of the three weekend retreats as well as complete the required reading.

NOTE 3: PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that this training is a somatically focused spiritual training first and foremost.

If you do not feel you are in alignment with the spiritual premises I am operating from, this program will not serve you

The Program’s spiritual premises are as follows:

  1. The disconnect from Spirit is the primary reason we are suffering.
  2. The Soul of each of us is an individualized essence of our Oneness or Unity.
  3. We are all on a path of discovery and evolution, learning from each other as we go.
  4. Our Soul Paths are unique and in no way can we compare ourselves to others.
  5. Our reality is a reflection of the level of wholeness we currently embrace.  It also reflects the places in our psyche that are still split off from our wholeness.
  6. Healing occurs as we are able to integrate split-off parts of ourselves and take responsibility for our part in creating realities in our lives – at a Soul and at a personality level.


It has been my experience that as awakening occurs, as Soul Seeds are being birthed and strengthened, personal, ancestral and collective pockets of unawareness are often triggered so that old patterns of unintentional fear, oppression and victimization can be processed and transmuted.  If there is enough compassion and wakefulness in a group, these patterns can be processed quickly leaving individuals unscathed and even blessed.  Until the capacity to fully embody this compassionate witness and collective holding in love is strengthened, however, there is danger of re-wounding. With this in mind, I will send out a Code of Ethics that will help us feel safe as we co-create our place together.  This Code’s purpose is to generate guidelines for safe participation while we are learning how to take part in full unity, trust and respect for each other.

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