What Participants Have Said:

“I did more work in 3 months than in 18 years of therapy.”  (AM, Denver).

“Loved this class so much. A creative block got loosened. A continuous melting so there is no more hesitation. Amazing.” CE, Eugene

No idea how to narrow down the growth. Just so much! (RN, Portland)

Thank you so much for following your guidance and bringing this course to the world. To echo what others expressed, it is hard to sum up the ways in which I’ve grown but I truly feel like there has been a deep opening, or blossoming which has begun. One thing I forgot to mention in my massive growth is that I haven’t bitten or picked at my nails/cuticles in 6 weeks! It is the longest I have ever gone, and I feel like something has really shifted, HUGE!!!! Thank you again for everything and I look forward to our continued connection. This course opened a door.  I now have a direction to do the work, no more searching.  (BP, San Francisco area)

I really liked the way the lessons were set up, the breadth of content, different angles, the different categories.  I got something out of every single one.  It pushed my edges harder.  The trance movement was super powerful.  The dimensional work feels exciting and I want to push into it more. I was telling my friends that there is an extra level of connection, openness and sweetness in this community which is very special to me. I also had major growth in self-confidence, in being myself in the world. (MH, Portland OR)

Great information. Mapping, ANS, IFS, SE. . . all impactful in taking my ceremonial work to a different level. I am overcoming my struggle with being seen, showing up more in community. Had a prolific impact in my life. (SN, Portland)

I developed a serious respect for trauma modalities. Want to learn more. The somatic was powerful. (CN, Portland OR)

So many things: learning from the natural world, ceremony within the context of the sacred container of this group. Heightened awareness of the Divine Feminine, which became embodied. KN (Des Moines, IA)

It was a huge learning to witness how deeply people were impacted by the prep work. MB, Guide in Training (Olympia, WA)

So much appreciation and gratitude for what you accomplished. It was a good value.  I learned a ton and got lots of experience.  I loved the parts work,  That was so powerful and clarifying, and aligned well with what happens in a journey. I learned a lot about myself in the process.  Saw how it could work with colleagues and clients.  The small group was very helpful.  Loved the questions, the practice videos beforehand and the experiential work was great  Dimensional work was eye opening. If I had a client who experienced it, would know how to conceptualize it and make sense of it. Now at least I have a framework, even if I haven’t experienced it yet myself.  (AN, Colorado)

The class was very rich and I’ve learned so much. Felt like I was drinking out of a firehose.  We could have used the same amount of time just doing the Nature work.   I’m still learning and learning. Still learning from the resource list. The Polyvagal exercises were rich. I don’t know if I knew what safety and grounding meant. Now I kind of know what it is.  Put your feet on the ground, look outside and breathe. There is so much stuff, it is a lifetime of work.  Really grateful for what we’re all learning.  Some of this is new stuff and we’re all trying to figure it out. It was great to have it so condensed, could easily have been a year-long course.  (Jo, Portland)

I loved the course so much Jane.  It was so heart led and you were so authentic in it, it was easy to connect into.  I struggled with keeping up but I feel like this is a lifetime of study.  I want to go back and get deeper into the material again.  Because I’m an experiential learner, it was most helpful to get written exercises, practice videos and then an opportunity to do the exercise again in class. It was good to have the video, but it brought it to another level to have it done in person in the classes.  I would recommend this course to anyone going down this path.  For me going into grad school, it felt like a map.  I have an idea of the type of practice I’d like to have one day, and this course spoke directly to me.  (Bi, Bay area)

Feeling your total unconditionally supportive presence was huge for me. Loved the sacred container.  thank you so much.  It was so sweet to connect with you when I was feeling so vulnerable.  I am amazed at the content. The dimensional work provided a whole new paradigm for me.  Just today a client said to me, she thought an exile was in a different dimension.  If I hadn’t taken this class I might have overlooked that. (CA, Oregon)

I thought it was awesome, Jane.  Comprehensive and I’m still learning.  I liked the dreamwork, nature work and ceremony.  It was neat to have the dreamwork on the other side of the trauma work.  Liked the Parts work and alchemical work was cool, too. I was amazed at the depth of what was going on on zoom. There was a mix of people, a range of experience (people who didn’t know anything about therapy and others who do this for a living!) and you were still able to get them to all work together.  (RG, Hood River OR)

I think it was amazing.  It was a lot of material, everything that we did was pertinent and helpful. It was helpful to take the time to dive into these modalities that provide a framework for working with the deeper psyche.  It was helpful for me to learn to be more at cause of the energetic.  In the practice groups we also started with grounding, centering and being aware of our own energy.  It got me out of head and into my body which was so helpful.  Grounding and centering!  And being able to bring that into my life outside of class.  That was paramount.  (TB, Olympia WA)

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Disclaimer: This course in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates illegal activity. Transpersonal states can be achieved in many ways (for example, breathwork, vision quests, dreamwork as well as the use of psychedelics**.)  This course is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. If you choose to use psychedelics, be aware that these substances are illegal in many countries. By enrolling into this program, you are agreeing that PsyAlchemy takes no responsibilities for your actions.

This course does not provide credentials or training for therapists, coaches, and clinicians to provide psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy services. Largely these services are illegal.

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