Women's Prosperity Challenge

This is a personal invitation to join us NOW to receive the remaining months of 2023 absolutely FREE. 

The Women’s Prosperity Challenge will officially begin January 1, 2024. 

Sign up now for 6 FREE months if you pay for 2024 in full. 

Imagine YOU are creating a Magnificent Manifestation…or two!

Prosperity means fulfillment: a sense of satisfaction, aliveness, and the ability to receive all the good that the universe is able to provide.  Prosperity implies no lack, scarcity, or limitation in whatever area of life you are striving to become prosperous in.  The Women’s Prosperity Challenge is A Membership Club for women who are seeking to uplevel their lives in one or more of the following areas. 

  • Friendship & Community
  • Support
  • Love
  • Life Purpose
  • Financial Independence
  • Resource Abundance 
  • Health
  • Joy
  • Service to Others


it starts in the mind with consistent focused thought and a willingness to take guided action in the direction of your goals.

Imagine setting a goal for one or more of the areas of your life in which you want to prosper.

Imagine having a powerful group of women accompanying you while you manifest your goals together.  

Membership includes tools for applying the prosperity mindset 

  • Powerful affirmations
  • Techniques for orienting away from conditioned beliefs of scarcity and toward new felt attitudes of lavish abundance
  • Laws of manifestation (more powerful than law of attraction)
  • How to integrate the three “I”s: imagination, intuition and inspiration
  • The power of focus and how to harness it 

You will have access to all of the following and more: 

  • Visioning Section: How to use the power of your Imagination to manifest your goals
  • Daily (new and inspired) prosperity visualizations and affirmations 
  • Substantive content on 
    • Weeding out scarcity & lack
    • Working with resistance
    • Reprogramming doubt and fear
    • Transmuting your shadow 
  • Community Sharing Calls
  • Community Success Calls
  • 1 live Q&A a week (for Pro Members)

All of this for less than a $1 a day 

Join the Basic Membership $47 a month or $500 year. 

Join PRO Membership with Group Coaching & Q&A Calls 3 x’s a month 

$100 a month or $1000 a year.

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